PEAU Esthétique Médicale Montreal


I am so thrilled to announce that I have the privilege of acting as an ambassador for the amazing PEAU Esthétique Médicale Montreal over the next year. Co-founded in 2009 by leading dermatologist Dr. Manish Khanna, PEAU offers its clients a specialized roster of the leading non-surgical face and body treatments. With his background in pioneering skin cancer treatment as the director of Dermatologic Oncology at the renowned Jewish General Hospital in Montreal, Dr. Khanna created a clinic that would not only address the more immediate skin and body concerns of his patients, but also in a preventative manner. With over 20 laser and light systems, PEAU is able to address cosmetic face and body concerns in a non-surgical manner. From uneven skin and texture, to wrinkles, sun damage, and rosacea, Dr. Khanna and his team are able to address a multitude of skin concerns. They also offer highly popular body treatments for fat reduction, permanent hair removal, skin laxity, and excessive sweating. PEAU has distinguished itself as a pioneer in Canada in these fields in particular, being the first in Quebec to offer such highly regarded treatments as CoolSculpting, Vanquish, and Exilis Elite. PEAU is also the first in all of Canada to offer miraDry.

What first attracted me to PEAU was their commitment to preventative skin care health. From a young age, my mother always stressed the importance of maintaining healthy skin through proper care and this is something that has always resonated with me. Skin is our body’s first defense and protecting it is something that is best to do from an early age. Much like PEAU, I’ve always believed that it is better to engage in preventative skin care health rather than wait until damage occurs. From quality products to facials and other skin care treatments, I find it important to nourish my skin. I’m naturally quite fair and this is something that I’ve learned to love over the years. However, I know that because my skin is so fair, I have to be extra vigilant with skin care and protection. Come summer, you can find me at the beach hiding under an umbrella wearing a cover-up, over-sized sunglasses, and a high SPF in my quest to keep from looking like a leather bag when I’m older. In addition to finding the right skin care products for my needs and concerns, I also find that routine facials and skin treatments are invaluable in maintaining a healthy complexion.

Over the 12 months, I’ll be discovering some of the amazing treatments that Dr. Khanna and his team provide. From my first meeting at the clinic, I knew I was in caring and highly trained hands. They created a custom treatment plan that will address specific skin and body concerns that I have noticed since our little one was born, and a few others I noticed which are part of the natural aging process. Each month, I’ll be sharing an in-depth look at a specific treatment that is part of my custom plan or introduce you to other facets of PEAU. I’m so excited to take you all along with me as I embark on this journey with the team at PEAU. This coming January, I’ll be introducing you to the esteemed Dr. Khanna with a one-on-one interview and share the custom treatment plan that he created for me. I’ll also be sharing my experiences in real time on SnapChat and Instagram stories so make sure to follow along!