A Picnic with Baby Jogger

With us being well into Fall, it seems like the nice days and weather here in Montreal are quickly waning. Soon enough, it will be time for heavy coats and snow boots, but for now I’ve been trying to milk the remaining nice days for all they’re worth. With that in mind, the other week I decided that a picnic was the perfect way to enjoy a lazy Sunday. Darling Husband, madam, and I headed over to the beautiful Beaver Lake area of Mount Royal and spent an enjoyable time ambling about the pathways before settling in for a late afternoon picnic. We all enjoyed the relaxing atmosphere, and madam had fun exploring and perfecting her walking. She’s gone from stumbling about like a little zombie, to an almost controlled Frankenstein-inspired gait, quite the improvement! And just in time for Halloween!

Of course, as with most outings with a baby, there was a need for a fair amount of gear. As much as we try to be streamlined and minimal in our approach to baby items, the reality is we still need to bring a diaper bag with us, and sometimes more, depending upon the activity. For an afternoon picnic at Beaver Lake, this meant an additional picnic basket and outdoor blanket for us to relax on in addition to the diaper bag. Having brought along our Baby Jogger City Select LUX, we were easily able to tote along all the items we needed for the afternoon in the generous basket underneath madam’s seat. With its decelerating brake (Darling Husband’s favourite feature!) and sturdy wheels, it was also perfect for exploring the parkland around us safely and comfortably. I briefly touched on some of the wonderful features of the Baby Jogger City Select LUX in my post about how we stroll Toronto (check out the post here!) but I thought I’d show you guys how wonderful this stroller is in this post as well.

From multiple riding options and a compact fold to its intelligent design and various useful accessories (think cup holder, child tray, glider board, bench seat, LUX pram kit, weather shield and more!), this is truly an ideal stroller for almost anyone’s needs. Living in the city, Darling Husband and I only keep one car, so it’s important for me to have a stroller that not only seats madam safely and comfortably, but also allows me to run errands and enjoy the vibrant neighborhood around me. I love that the Baby Jogger City Select LUX allows me to do just that. I can pick up groceries at the market, scoop up some fresh flowers, have my diaper bag on hand, and still have room left over in the basket for a last-minute stop at the bakery. Another wonderful feature of the Baby Jogger City Select LUX is that for those families with twins or two siblings, you can even add a second seat to utilize with multiple double seat configurations.

With a stroller being one of, if not, the largest ticket items you’ll invest in as a parent, it’s nice to know that the Baby Jogger City Select LUX transitions smoothly from newborn to the later years of your child’s stroller riding life. We’ve come to love our Baby Jogger City Select LUX so much as a family that Darling Husband even wanted to chime in with his thoughts!

Ok, Darling Husband here. For any dads out there reading this… this is the stroller you want to “direct” your wife to. As in: “Hey, babe! Did you see this one? Look, it’s got a handbrake!” (Seriously, the brake is GENIUS!) I like to think of it as the SUV of strollers. Great on road performance, but easy to take off-roading too, with lots of space to pack your stuff. It will be tough to beat the sturdy – and stylish (in a manly way, of course) – Baby Jogger City Select LUX!

Photography: Eric Branover