Pommery Ice Restaurant

Sunday night Darling Fiance and I, along with friends, headed over to Snow Village Montreal to enjoy dinner at the Pommery Ice Restaurant. For those who aren’t familiar with this winter attraction that popped up this year in Montreal, it’s an outdoor complex consisting of a bar, restaurant, hotel, chapel, and an icy replica of Marche Bonsecours all made out of ice and snow. And when I say all made out of ice and snow, I mean it. From the buildings to the bars and furniture, the entire complex is frozen solid! There were lots of layers involved and I didn’t think twice about zipping my coat up and keeping it on the entire night. The village is constructed on the edge of the river so it gets pretty freezing as the sun goes down. It was a really cool experience (no pun intended) but I don’t know how their overnight guests make it through the night! I’m a big James Bond fanatic, and after seeing Die Another Day I’ve had the biggest desire to stay at an ice hotel and indulge my inner Bond girl.Thankfully, Darling Fiance shares my love of all things Bond and was totally willing to indulge me on this one! Hope you had a wonderful weekend darlings!

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    1. It was actually really pretty in the restaurant and an awesome evening, I’d def. recommend it to anyone who had the chance to check it out!

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