POSSE Jumpsuit

Fun fact, this jumpsuit from Australian label POSSE is one of my favourite pieces that I’ve picked up lately. Darling Husband however, thinks it looks like something a toddler would wear. While he might be somewhat correct in that I would happily dress my own toddler in something like this after all, I nonetheless love it. In fact, if I’m being honest, his confusion over it makes me love it all the more. I find that that items that confuse him the most (giant fur vests, jumpsuits, heels that are not really meant for walking) are the pieces that elicit the most admiration from myself and other women as being some of my most fashionable purchases.

As for this piece, with the feminine ruffled straps and bow at the waist, it’s pretty much an amalgamation of most of my favourite fashion finishings. To transition the jumpsuit from the summer months for which it was most likely ultimately intended, to the current chilly Canadian clime, I paired it with this gorgeous blouse from French label My Sunday Morning.

Photography: Eric Branover

Jumpsuit: POSSE – Bag: Fendi via LOVEthatBAG – Shoes: Le Chateau – Blouse: my Sunday Morning