Prada Perfection


This amazing little cross-body bag from LOVEthatBAG is total Prada perfection. It totally elevates this seemingly simple little knit dress from Forever21. One of the reasons I always say that investing in a beautiful designer bag is totally worth it is for this very reason. A gorgeous bag has the ability to turn even the simplest look into a memorable look and it instantly adds a perfect touch of something extra special.

As for my growing bump, let me just say that inexpensive body-con dresses have been a total sartorial life saver. I’ve been joking to Darling Husband and my friends that my pregnancy style has been one extreme or the other. I’m either in my so ugly yet so comfy bathrobe and old sorority sweats or a ballgown. When I do try to go for a happy medium, it’s those aforementioned body-con dresses like this one that I keep reaching for time and time again.







Photography: Eric Branover

Dress: Forever 21 – Boots: La Canadienne – Bag: PRADA via LOVEthatBAG