Pretty Ballerinas Press Preview Fall/Winter 2018/2019

While it might be the thick of summer, thanks to my dear friends at Pretty Ballerinas, I’m already looking towards Fall. Honestly, thanks to the sneak peek I got at their Fall/Winter 2018/2019 collection recently, I’m actually ready for cooler days and the arrival of this chic collection. From gorgeous classic styles and colours, to bold and playful prints, fabrications, and embellishments, there’s something for everyone’s sartorial style. While there are so many things I love about Pretty Ballerinas, from the quality of the shoes to the price point, one thing that has always attracted me has been the wide range of styles offered each season. I know that no matter my mood or look, there’s always a perfect shoe waiting for me. This could be why I have an ever growing tower of pink boxes in my closet. But I digress!

For Fall/Winter 2018/2019, there are eight key trends that Pretty Ballerinas will highlight, and all of them have me so excited. Some of these trends are beloved classics like studs and sequins, and there are also new ones for the brand like the ankle straps featured on the stunning pointed toe silver shoes below. Rest assured, fringe, velvet, and fur are also parts of the collection that I’m particularly excited about. Finally, Pretty Ballerinas is also embracing touch, love and passion through the mixing of animal print and punky studs while looking towards the Toredor-inspired styles of Spain for some seriously fabulous footwear. And on the subject of Spain, the Madrid based businesswoman and aristocrat Alessandra de Osma (who recently wed Christian of Hanover in one of the biggest society weddings of 2018) has been announced as the face of Pretty Ballerinas for the upcoming season. Her curated selection of eight styles that she wore for the Fall/Winter campaign that was shot on the ground of the Osma Museum are all on my personal shopping list for fall. I can guarantee that you’ll be seeing at least one of these styles (if not more) show up on this blog in a few short months!

For those in Montreal, the collection will start appearing in the Westmount boutique around August and you can already purchase some styles online. Happy shopping darlings!