Pumpkins and Louboutins



Because wearing thigh-high boots to prance amongst the pumpkins is totally normal… that being said, this Bailey 44 sweater is another of my fabulous finds from show&tell. It’s a beautiful cashmere blend with a leather front and if you’re interested in scooping up your own, email the lovely ladies of show&tell at info@showandtell.com.

Atwater Market is one of my favorite places in Montreal. It’s been in operation since the first half of the 20th century and it’s still one of the most popular places to shop in the city. With it’s plethora of specialty vendors and selection of locally grown and produced goods, I can’t help but leave with bags of tasty goodies.




Photography: Marie-Claude Viola

Sweater: Bailey 44 – Boots: Christian Louboutin – Jeans: J Brand – Bag: Louis Vuitton via LOVEthatBAG