Real Style With Nathan Gannage


A few weeks ago, Darling Husband and I were invited to the opening of what has quickly become one of Montreal’s hottest new restaurant/bars, SuWu. It’s a gastro-pub that’s straight out of New York City and co-owner Nathan’s style embodies the same eclectic vibe that the famous city possesses. I love how he mixes established high fashion designers with more avant-garde labels and throws in a bit of hip hop influence for good measure. Nathan’s the kind of guy that would definitely catch the eye of a street style photographer so he was clearly the right choice for my first foray into the world of menswear. Check out my interview with him below ( note, it involves the iconic Cartier Love bracelet and some great tips for shopping for the man in your life) and pop into Suwu for killer drinks and tasty nibbles.


So you and your partners just opened up a hot new bar on St. Laurent, fill us in
We opened up a neighborhood bar called SuWu, with tasty (affordable) food until 2am, 7 days a week. It’s a place where you can come and grab a bite or a drink any night of the week and always enjoy the same warm and inviting vibe.
 How would you describe your style?
I’d say it’s a mix between street style and high end fashion. I have always listened to hip hop so that has definitely influenced my style, but as my interest in fashion kept growing and I got put on to high end brands such as YSL, Dior, Marc Jacobs, etc I never really looked back haha. I also love Polo so can dress pretty preppy sometimes
Where do you like to shop in Montreal?
I do a lot of online shopping, but for Montreal I’d say Duo, uNi, eccetera, Ssense, Holts, and The Bay polo section. Ssense is definitely my favorite. And Simons randomly has a hidden designer section which is pretty dope.
How do you you like to dress for a night at work?
It really depends where I’m working and how I’m feeling. We work at such a variety of venues like New City Gas, Velvet, SuWu, etc. that the event kind of dictates what I’m wearing.


What do you refuse to wear?

Boot Cut Jeans.

Since I have so many female readers and we’re often at a loss for what to get the guy in our life, what are your top 3 gift suggestion?

This is really a tough one I never even know what I want for myself. Anything Polo is definitely a safe bet, if your guy is into sports a sporting event is always well received, and I guess other than that it depends on the guy… or a Cartier love bracelet 🙂

Jeans: Black waxed Nudie Jeans – Shirt: COMME des GARCONS “Play” t-shirt – Shoes: YSL 

Hat: Supreme



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