Relaxing Weekend

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Until recently, I never owned a pair of sneakers that weren’t meant to be worn only in a gym. In fact, I rarely wore flats until a few years ago when I was in a car accident that left me with the tendency to develop headaches after wearing heels for too long. A note on the car accident, it totally wasn’t my fault that I was rear-ended on the day that I FINALLY got my driver’s license at age 25 in my mother’s brand new Mercedes. In front of my parents house. Thirty minutes after passing my driver’s exam. Really, the guy who hit me ran a light. But I digress, back to the sneakers and how damn cute this Joe Fresh pair is. They’re a perfect shade of grey and instead of traditional laces, they have a pretty ribbon. If I’m going to wear sneakers, you can bet they will be pretty.

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Cape: H&M – Leggings: David Lerner – Sunglasses: Chanel – Bag: Chanel – Sneakers: Joe Fresh – Gloves: Lauren Urstadt



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