Roger Vivier Clutch and How to Look Great in Photographs

photo 3

For this week’s FASHION Magazine Style Panel challenge, my fellow panelists and I weighed in on our top tips for looking great in photographs. While the handful of photos that make it into each post may look great (or at least I hope so!), there’s also quite a few that turn out totally wonky and majorly unflattering. From derpy faces to double chins, it honestly takes effort to look effortless. Beyond learning what angles work best, I find that feeling confident in my outfit makes the biggest difference in achieving a flattering photo. This feminine white dress and gorgeous Roger Vivier clutch, scooped up from LOVEthatBAG, paired with a brand new pair of heels makes me feel at my best.

Another thing that makes me feel great: My mother-in-law has this exact pair of heels. In a bold neon.

photo 4

photo 2

photo 1

Clutch: Roger Vivier via LOVEthatBAG – Shoes: Charlotte Olympia – Dress: Robert Rodriguez – Sunglasses: Joe Fresh