I still remember when I treated myself to my first CHANEL lipstick. I was in high school and had decided that I would invest in some nice makeup for myself. After years spent admiring the pretty bottle of CHANEL N°5 and the elegant black lacquer compacts and tubes with the chic little interlocking C’s on my mother’s vanity, I knew that I would be taking myself to the CHANEL counter for my little splurge. Picking out not only the perfect pink lipstick, but blush and eyeshadow palette as well, felt so decadent and luxurious as if I was indulging in something truly special. From that first purchase, I’ve been a loyal lover of CHANEL cosmetics, buying new shades of lipstick, nail polish, eyeshadow and other products each season. The lipsticks and glosses have always been a particular favorite of mine and are frequently the lip products I reach for first. Between the stunning range of shades and the expert formulations, they apply beautifully and last quite nicely making them a worthy investment.

The ROUGE COCO line has been a standout addition to the CHANEL cosmetic universe. Perfectly living up the House’s tradition of producing excellent products in all realms that it works in, it offers a gorgeous range of shades that Global Makeup and Color Designer Lucia Pica has only continued to expand and perfect. This season brings 18 new shades as well as a whole new product from the brilliantly creative mind of Pica, the ROUGE COCO LIP BLUSH.

With her love of both color and innovation, Pica has created another hero product with the ROUGE COCO LIP BLUSH that proves to be wonderfully multi-functional. With its super soft and silky gel formula, it virtually melts onto lips and cheekbones, depositing the perfect amount of color. With its Hydraboost complex and composition of jojoba, mimosa, and sunflower oils, it both moisturizes and nourishes the lips. An emollient coconut derivative also softens the lips and improves comfort, while a trace peptide gives a plumping effect. The intelligent design of ROUGE COCO LIP BLUSH even extends to the applicator, with a flat part that enhances the curve of the lips, and a tip that allows the wearer to sculpt the contours of their lip. When used as a blush, the tip creates the perfect dot of color to bring out the intensity of the hue while the flat side allows for a seamless swipe of color, with each leaving a healthy glow upon the cheek. The six shades are 418 Rouge Captivant (the ultimate red), 420 Burning Berry (a chocolate purple), 416 Teasing Pink (an intense pink touched with fuchsia and pictured here), 414 Tender Rose (a universal rosy nude), 412 Orange Explosif (a radiant and vibrant orange), and 410 Corail Naturel (a peachy pink and pictured here).

Pica has also introduced three beautiful new shades to the beloved ROUGE COCO GLOSS line-up. These glosses are known for being plumping and ultra-glossy leaving the lips radiant and downright kissable. 806 Rose Tentation is an intense pink with hints of fuchsia, 804 Rose Naif is a delightful pink (pictured here), and 802 Living Orange is a crystalline mandarin hue.

For the iconic ROUGE COCO lipstick, Pica has focused on pinks for this season. There’s 484 Rouge Intimiste which is a raspberry red (pictured here), 482 Rouge Malicieux an intense luminous pink, and 480 Corail Vibrant which is a bright vivid pink. In my opinion, this is the ultimate lipstick. With its formula infused with Hydraboost complex, it’s creamy and incredibly easy to apply leaving the lips beautifully awash in color and totally hydrated. As for the ROUGE COCO SHINE, a wonderful hybrid of lipstick and balm that leaves a beautiful burst of color and shine on the lip, this season is also focused on vibrant pink and orange tones. 144 Rouge Irrésistible is a bold raspberry, 142 Rose Emotif is a pink with a beautiful blue undertone, and 138 Poppy Orange is a captivatingly radiant orange (pictured here).

The final additions to the ROUGE COCO universe for the Spring/Summer 2018 season are in the three new colors for the ROUGE COCO STYLO. This lipstick pen is super moisturizing, beautifully pigmented and incredibly luminous, and it’s virtually impossible to mess up the application. With the addition of 234 Framboise Sensuelle (an intense bluish red), 232 Rose Mutin (a sorbet pink), and Rose Eclatant (a radiant pink), there’s a gorgeous shade for virtually every mood one might have and every complexion.