Runway Report: CHANEL Métiers d’Art Paris-Hamburg 2017/18 Collection Accessories

Happy New Year darlings! What better way to kick off 2018 than with a post dedicated to the beautiful accessories from the most recent CHANEL Métiers d’Art show. I would venture that the Paris-Hamburg collection (which I’ve recapped here) is an exquisite representation of all that is special about the House of CHANEL – a level or artistry and love that is shown by few other designers and houses. As for the accessories that Monsieur Lagerfeld showed alongside his nautical inspired confections, they quite live up to my previous lofty declarations as well.

As with all CHANEL collections, accessories are never afterthoughts in a Métiers d’Art collection. They are instead impeccably executed to both stand on their own and act as the perfect accompaniments to the garments for the season. For the nautical nature of the Paris-Hamburg collection, Lagerfeld wove in subtle little nods to both the city itself, its famous port, and the stunning Elbphilharmonie where the show was mounted. Jaunty little sailor caps topped the models’ heads with some even being secured by subtly feminine tulle, while embroidered fingerless gloves were worn on their hands. Anchors appeared throughout, popping up as earrings and brooches, while their chains were reimagined as bracelets and sautoirs. As for the bags, oh the bags! The recently debuted CHANEL GABRIELLE bag is done in an sublime checked tweed with colors inspired by Hamburg’s brickwork. The increasingly popular backpack style was done as a sailor’s bag thrown over the shoulder in both an oversized style and a more moderate size. Minaudières take the form of shipping containers, life buoys, and anchor bolts, making them whimsical yet sophisticated. As for shoes, bobbin heeled brogues were shown with sumptuously beaded and bejewelled bows.

For those fortunate enough to scoop up a piece of the amazing CHANEL Métiers d’Art Paris-Hamburg collection, they will have in their possession a piece of fashion history. Impeccably crafted and fantastically imagined, these pieces are true collector’s items. I was lucky enough to purchase a bag from the Paris-Moscou collection when it was released in 2009. A slouchy style embroidered with the onion domes of Red Square – it’s one of my most treasured bags to this day and has stood the test of time and trends beautifully.