Runway Report: COCO Crush

While the House of CHANEL has long produced exquisite costume jewelry since being founded by Gabrielle Chanel, it was only in the later half of the 20th century that the brand once again began producing fine and high jewelry. Mademoiselle Chanel herself only designed one fine jewelry collection, which she presented in 1932 and titled Bijoux de Diamants. As with everything that she designed, Mademoiselle Chanel’s designs broke with convention and both shocked and captivated the world. The collection was exquisite and was a celebration of optimism, glamour, and modernity during a time when staid traditionalism ruled the world of fine jewelry. However, it was poorly received by the predominantly male old guard of the jewelry houses of Place Vendome and the collection proved to be quite the scandal. For a more in-depth look at this tumultuous time and to find out what happened with the spectacular pieces of the Bijoux de Diamants check out my article {here}.

 It was not until the 1990s that the House of CHANEL once again began producing fine jewelry but since then the house has distinguished itself with truly spectacular creations. The latest additions to the COCO CRUSH fine jewelry collection are a playful celebration of the heritage of the House of CHANEL and the sleek elegance of the modern woman. Done in white and yellow gold and inlaid with precious diamonds, the collection features rings, earrings, and bracelets that can be worn singularly for a simple but no less dynamic look. However, the collection begs to be stacked, and metals mixed, for an effortlessly elegant look with just the right amount of edgy opulence. Bangles gently click together for a sweet and seductive tinkling that brings to mind whispered secrets and confidences shared over cocktails. Featuring a quilted pattern that is an homage to Mademoiselle’s love of all things equestrian, the COCO CRUSH collection fits in beautifully amongst the other sartorial nods to the special motifs and totems that have come to symbolize the House of CHANEL.