Sanuk Balllet Flats


As much as I love my heels, they’re not the most practical footwear option when I have a busy day running around the city. From pulling clothing for shoots to meeting clients and attending events, my life has become wonderfully busy with both WestmountFashionista and artistiCréatif. Because of that, I almost always have a pair of ballet flats stashed in my bag or in the car to slip on between appointments. This bronze pair by Sanuk has become a favorite thanks to the brands attention to comfort and their stylish look. Sanuk’s motto, “Never Uncomfortable”, couldn’t ring any more true with this one little pair of flats.





Photography: Marcel Cristocea

Shoes: c/o Sanuk – Bag: Chanel via LOVEthatBAG – Jeans: Black Orchid Denim 

Blouse: Bailey 44 via Show & Tell