Shopping Guide: Éditions de Robes

A few weeks ago, I was invited to a party celebrating the Crescent street location of Éditions de Robes. I’ve walked by their elegant storefront multiple times and have always admired the beautiful dresses displayed in the window but had yet to visit. Having long been meaning to properly visit the boutique, the event proved to be the perfect opportunity to finally explore what looked like a very promising new-to-me boutique.

Needless to say, this first visit did not disappoint. I was so impressed with the impeccably curated selection of stunning dresses that I instantly knew Éditions de Robes would be a perfect fit for my shopping guide. I had the pleasure of returning this past week to further discover the store and to chat with co-founder Michel Lepage.

With Lepage’s background in luxury retail, and designer Julie Pesant’s incredible talent and beautiful eye for fabric, construction, and details, Éditions de Robes is truly a jewel box of a boutique. These two individuals combined talent and backgrounds result in one of Montreal’s best shopping destinations. Focusing on dresses, the collection is perfectly executed with great care paid to to the fabrics and construction techniques used to execute these dreamy dresses. With a wide selection perfect for transitioning from desks to drinks, and a lust-worthy offering of more formal dresses (many of which will make their way to the multiple charity galas and red carpet events that occur in Montreal and beyond each season), there’s a perfect piece for any event in one’s life. Any accolades that I might bestow upon Éditions de Robes here will only pale in comparison to what you will discover upon visiting in person.

Not only does Éditions de Robes offer stunning dresses, I also love that Pesant and Lepage have placed a premium on providing exemplary service to their clients. From the welcoming environment to the fact that they will do their very best to ensure that the same dress is not sold to more than one attendee of the aforementioned galas and red carpets, shopping at Éditions de Robes is truly a luxury experience. Make sure to scroll down to get a look at this beautiful space, its gorgeous wares and for an exclusive interview with Monsieur Lepage.

What inspired the launch of éditions de robes?

A love affair with the dress.

It’s a story of a passion and relentlessness. A love of the simple dress or of the funky dress. For the everyday dress or the once in a lifetime one. Because the dress is a woman’s statement, her foreword, her voice. To express who she is, the dress says it best. Julie Pesant, the creator of the brand, had long envisioned the ideal dress. It would be easy to wear and easy to endorse. The cut would be razor sharp and would suit the wearer, whatever her silhouette. Not missing a beat, that dress would nevertheless be a sure bet, her expiry date way past that of the flavour of the month. Fabrics would be key. Julie would only always pick the nice stiff fabrics, the ones that stand for themselves and make you in turn feel confident. All these wonderful dresses would be designed and devised in Montreal, of course, to the highest of standards. Their prices, however, would be such as to make them even more desirable. From a dream turned into an ambition, a brand was born.

What sets éditions de robes apart from other boutiques and lines?

It’s monomind with the focus being on the dress. We decided to concentrate on a single category and create a collection designed to meet the highest quality standards. We also produce here in Montreal with high quality standards and offer a personalized service.

Can you tell us a bit more about your capsule collaborations?

Over the years, we like to associate ourselves with people of whom we appreciate talent, to infuse novelty to the brand. In the past, we have had the following collaborations:
Co-branding with UNTTLD , a collaboration with Annie Horth, a collaboration with “The twins of fashion”, the Joncas Brothers and a collaboration with Epure for a jewelry collection.

What is an ideal dress for transitioning from desk to drinks?

Most of our dresses can make this transition is a matter of choosing the right accessory and attitude.

What are the top three must have dresses from editions des robes for Fall/Winter?

The chemisier scarf dress {model Antoinetta}
The volume sleeves dress  {models Miranda, Lilia, Betina}

The perfect crête couture dress  {model Aneta}

Who is the éditions des robes client?

All women who love dresses, who likes to feel beautiful, but keep it classic and simple at the same time.

éditions de Robes

2122 Crescent

Montreal, QC