How I Stroll with Baby Jogger: Toronto Edition

Darling Husband’s work schedule has been intense as of late, so we decided a little vacation was in order. Since we went to Paris just a few months ago, we decided we would stay a little closer to home and do a road trip to visit his parents in Toronto and my parents in Philadelphia. This would allow madam to get in lots of fun time with her doting grandparents and we would get to relax and enjoy two great cities as a family. While we brought our trusty and travel perfect Baby Jogger City Tour for every day use, the Baby Jogger team very generously lent us a City Select LUX to use for an afternoon of exploring. With its large basket, generous canopy, and comfortable seat, madam rode in serious style throughout some of Toronto’s toniest neighbourhoods.

We started with a delicious meal at Oretta in the Fashion District, a vibrant art deco designed space known for its traditional Italian menu. As many parents know, bringing a stroller into a restaurant can sometimes be a bit difficult. Between maneuvering around tables and having to find a spot to safely and securely stow the stroller while you eat, it can take a bit of work to tote your stroller along with you. However, thanks to the intelligent design of the City Select LUX, it folds down with total ease and efficiency making this a non-issue. It even folds 30% smaller than the incredibly popular City Select without reducing the size of the seat – a seriously awesome update with this wonderful new model of stroller!

Our next stop was the Royal Ontario Museum which is a must for anyone visiting Toronto. I have such fond memories of exploring museums as a child. From sitting in the galleries of the Philadelphia Museum of Art copying my favorite masterpieces (albeit rather poorly), to staring wide eyed during my first visit to the Louvre, I’ve always loved visiting these incredible places. It’s something that I dearly hope madam develops a love for as well, and is something we can continue to enjoy as a family as she gets older. We love taking her to the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts here at home, and always make a point to visit any local gems while traveling. I love how the City Select LUX has a massive basket underneath the seat to store away my diaper bag and any other items that we end up needing during a museum visit. Of course, it also perfectly accommodates any goodies we might end up picking up at the gift shop too!

Our final stop of the day was Yorkville – one of my favorite neighborhoods to visit while in Toronto. With its excellent shopping and charming little cafés and restaurants, it’s also one of my favorite places to stay thanks to the incredible Four Seasons that is located there as well. With such a gorgeous day, and with madam safely and comfortably ensconced in her seat, we enjoyed the walk over from the Royal Ontario Museum to Yorkville. While the City Select LUX has over 20 riding options with multiple seating configurations, we opted to let madam face forward so that she could enjoy taking in everything around her as we strolled about. Ending our day with a stop for some fresh smoothies and a bit of window shopping, it was a perfect way to spend a summer day in Toronto.

I’ve touched on a few fabulous features of the Baby Jogger City Select LUX in this post but I’ll be sharing my full review shortly, it’s not to be missed!

Photography: Geoff Fitzgerald