Sunday in the Park

Sunday in Philly was spent running errands around Rittenhouse Square. I went the comfortable and casual route with contrasting dark blue J Brand jeans and a light coloured Ralph Lauren jean shirt. I finished the look with gold gladiators, a Foley + Corinna tote, a bunch of stacked bracelets and my new Hamsa necklace. The Hamsa is a symbol that is popular throughout the Middle East and North Africa and is worn by many Jewish and Muslim individuals to represent blessings, power, strength and a way to defect the evil eye. I wear another charm daily in the form of a Vendomo bracelet that is also intended to ward off the evil eye. Popular in the Greek and Jewish community, the “evil eye” symbol can be found seeping into the fashion world in the form of jewelry and accessories through the work of designers ranging from Tory Burch to Judith Ripka. It  might sound a little nutty but I wont leave my house unless I have this bracelet on, coupled with my inability to focus in the morning this has made for a lot of late starts to my day.

Jeans: J Brand

Top: Ralph Lauren

Tank: Forever 21

Bag: Foley + Corinna

Shoes: Forever 21

Bracelets: Saks, Vendomo, street vendor

Necklace: street vendor

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