How to Authenticate a Louis Vuitton Bag with LOVEthatBAG

After the awesome response to the previous two posts highlighting how best to purchase and authenticate pre-owned designer bags (for general tips check here and for a CHANEL specific guide here), I’ve once again asked Alice of LOVEthatBAG to offer her advice on this subject, this time regarding Louis Vuitton. Not only is Alice my own personal bag guru who’s sourced multiple bags for myself and friends, she’s also distinguished herself as one of the premier resellers in North America thanks to her dedication to providing her clients only the best selection of pre-owned new and vintage designer bags. Through her work, Alice has seen

How to Authenticate a CHANEL Bag with LOVEthatBAG

For this month’s article in collaboration with LOVEthatBAG’s owner Alice and my resident bag guru, we’ll be focusing on her top tips for how to authenticate a CHANEL bag. These stunning bags top many a lust list and are truly a luxury item. They are also some of the priciest designer bags on the market with price increases occurring every few years. Since scooping up my first CHANEL bag a few years ago, a classic 2.55 flap bag, its retail price has naturally not stayed the same. However, from beautiful materials to impeccable construction, a CHANEL bag is a worthy wardrobe investment piece. Since many of CHANEL’s bag styles sell out quite quickly and wait lists do not always guarantee you your dream bag, many people turn to re-sale sites to scoop up their dream bag. This can also be a wonderful way…