KIP. Sleepwear

I’m going to confess one of my little eccentricities to you darlings. I have this little compulsion where I need to sleep “pretty.” What is sleeping pretty you might ask? It’s having nice sheets on a neatly made bed and everything tucked in properly. Woe to an untucked corner or a comforter all askew. Unless […]


A Conversation with Jean-Christophe Requero, Market Director for Tiffany & Co. Quebec and Ottawa

It’s no secret that I enjoy shopping. But jewelry shopping…well, beyond being totally decadent it holds a special place in my luxury loving heart. One of the individuals who has had the biggest impact on my life was my grandmother. Not only is she one of my personal style icons, she helped mold me in to the fashion obsessed individual I am today. I like to joke to Darling Husband that I can’t be held accountable for my behavior, it’s genetic after all…