Tartan Dress


I’m a total sucker for tartan so when I saw this tartan dress at Forever 21 I knew it was destined for my closet. Not only was the price point one that wouldn’t even make Darling Husband raise his eye-brow in the slightest, the dress perfectly pairs with this amazing jeweled pair of Pretty Ballerinas flats. Those on the other hand, raised Darling Husband’s eye-brows a bit. Well, the three other pairs that came home at the same time as this pair might have been the root of the raised brows. However, he only has himself to blame…it was actually him who introduced me to these amazing handmade shoes imported from Spain.





Photography: Marcel Cristocea

Hat: Ogilvy – Dress: Forever 21 – Shoes: Pretty Ballerinas – Clutch: Bottega Veneta – Sunglasses: Polette