The Arm Party

My Every Day Arm Party

Vendoro and KAR MA

The arm party is one of those great trends that’s been around for a while in the fashion world, but is just now seeping into the mainstream. Thanks to the always hysterical Leandra Medine from The Man Repeller , the stacking of multiple bracelets now has a witty new name. Long popular with models, fashion insiders and many of the most stylish and popular style bloggers, the arm party is a great way to infuse even the most basic outfit with serious style. The basic idea is to stack an assortment of watches, friendship bracelets, and any other sort of bracelet that strikes you to achieve the always popular arm party. There’s no right or wrong way to do it, so it’s a wonderful way to show off your own person style. Here are some of my own favorite arm parties for your viewing pleasure. Check out even more awesome arm parties over at PrettyShinySparkly for the newest Bloggers Do It Better Challenge.

The Anti-Evil Arm Party…keeping bad vibes away one stacked bracelet at a time!

Vendoro and assorted street vendors

The Understated Arm Party…sometimes less is more and more is just better.

Chanel, Saks, street vendor, Estate Jeweler

The Nautical Arm Party…what do bows have to do with a nautical arm party? Nothing, I just love bows.

Street vendor, H&M, Tokyo Jane

The Real Housewives Arm Party…a little extra bling never hurt anyone.

Vintage and street vendor

The Tiffany Arm Party

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  1. Hey I participated in the BDIB challenege too! I came across your link and I’m loving your arm parties!
    The first one was so dainty and girly! I <3 it, that watch was amazing too! I def am lovin that chanel cuff as well, haute!


    1. Thanks so much Daphne, I don’t leave home without an evil eye bracelet! I can’t wait to visit Turkey one day, I’ve heard such wonderful things about it from everyone I know who has visited!

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