Thursday Sample Sale? Why Yes Please!

Just as Montreal was starting to remind me of why I moved here (Darling Boyfriend aside) with its gorgeous weather, it faked me out and starting raining like crazy. Luckily, a wonderful email popped up in my in-box earlier this week inviting me to a BCBG sample sale. Since I just finished my first semester back in school and had received my final grades on Monday, I felt that I was due for a little celebratory shopping in honour of my owning the History Department this semester. Somehow, Montreal has been blessed with having a BCBG office that every few months holds a great sample sale. While parking might be impossible and the lines might be crazy, it is more then worth elbowing your way around this sale. Capped off with spending time with two of my girlfriends, grabbing a super yummy lunch in little Italy, and then a cozy dinner with Darling Boyfriend at our friends gorgeous new condo, my Thursday couldn’t have been any better.

I woke up to a poodle under the sheets

Nikki: But I don’t waaaaannnnaaaa get up

I donned my sample sale uniform of wellies and black leggings, not taking the time to remove them when trying clothing on. After all, you have to be quick if you want to snag the best pieces!

Waited an hour to pay

Had lunch in Little Italy

And then did what every fashion/personal style blogger does….take pictures of my new items


  1. Carly

    May 10, 2011 at 10:41 pm

    Looks like you made out great at this sample sale…jealous…its been sooo long since I have hit up a sample sale. Sigh.

    That necklace is to DIE for.

  2. jessica

    May 11, 2011 at 11:46 am

    Thanks Car! I’m really trying to expand my accessories beyond my everyday pieces so I was so excited to come across the necklace. The best part, it was only $10! I’m craving more sample sale action now!

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