Tiffany & Co. Paper Flowers and a MARGIT DAVID Ball Gown

I’m so thrilled to share my second post in collaboration with Tiffany & Co. highlighting the absolutely stunning Paper Flowers collection. From my first viewing of the collection, I was struck not just by the obvious beauty of the collection, but also by how versatile it is. Beautifully delicate, the pieces are just as gorgeous worn for day, as they are for evening. In fact, the collection would make for gorgeous wedding jewelry that would undoubtedly become a treasured family heirloom. I also love how the collection pairs perfectly with so many other stunning pieces from the Tiffany & Co. universe. Fine jewelry specialist, and my go-to guru at the Montreal Tiffany & Co. boutique, Lilla Amar, once again expertly guided me in styling the pieces to perfection for this look and mixed them with pieces from some of the most iconic Tiffany & Co. collections. With her wealth of knowledge and innate understanding of beauty and elegance, she suggested the ideal selection of pieces for both this decidedly evening look and my previous more casual look.

Paper Flowers features diamonds and vibrant tanzanite that sparkle against platinum, resulting in a fine jewelry collection that is elegant, yet still contemporary and whimsical. And speaking of contemporary elegance, this Margit David gown was just the right piece to wear for a look that celebrates the luxury of this famed jewelry house and very special collection. I know I’ve joked about it a few times before, but I really do have two style modes: ballgown and jewels, or jeans and chic little flats. I think that one of the many reasons that the Tiffany & Co. Paper Flowers collection resonated with me so much, is because you can easily wear it and style it for everyday looks, and just as easily do the same for the most glamours and special moments in your life.

Pieces Worn:

Tiffany Paper Flowers Diamond Open Flower Pendent in Platinum 

Tiffany Paper Flowers Diamond Cluster Pendant in Platinum 

Tiffany Paper Flowers Diamond and Tanzanite Flower Ring in Platinum 

Tiffany Paper Flowers Diamond Flower Bracelet in Platinum

Elsa Peretti Diamonds by the Yard Sprinkle Necklace in Platinum 

Tiffany Metro Hinged Bangle in 18k White Gold with Diamonds

Tiffany & Co. Diamond Point Square Sunglasses