Vintage Peacoat

This vintage peacoat is another great find from a military surplus store. I’ve had it for years but I’ve only just started to wear it again after picking up the RED Valentino version from Layla. While it’s actually a men’s coat, the shape is great and the stiff collar stays up perfectly. On an unrelated note, please note the little halo of roots that are pretty evident in these  photos.  Thank you L’Oreal Professionnel once again for remedying this not so little situation. On another unrelate note, how stinking cute is the poodle in her booties? She actually gets excited when she sees me pull them out since it means a walk. She’ll flop on to her back and basically let me dress her like a baby. Darling Fiance didn’t believe it until he saw it for the first time. He also didn’t believe how much clothing I really had until he saw it for the first time. He really should just believe me when I tell him these things. Hope you’ve had a wonderful weekend darlings!

Coat: Vintage

Sweater: Vintage

Scarf: Vintage

Jeans: BCBG

Boots: Hunter

Ring: Kenneth Jay Lane

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