What's In My Bag

What’s in my bag? This is a pretty popular blog post topic for many of the fashion and personal style bloggers out there and I figured it could be fun to give you darlings a sneak peak in to my bag as well.

1. Tory Burch bag. I picked this up during a Vegas trip a few years ago. It was a combination bachelorette/birthday vacation that still makes my liver wince with pain when I think about it.

2. Hello Kitty notebook for note taking in class.

3. Planner and Crackberry. I would cease to function without either one of these items.

3. Chanel wallet

4. Gloves from Darling Fiance. He’s on a one man mission to make my wardrobe Canadian winter appropriate.

5. School books. I’m a history major so these usually tend to be heavy in subject matter and in weight. Who needs free weights when your taking “The History and Sociology of Genocide“?

6. Hello Kitty Mirror. Hello, my name is WestmountFashionista and I’m a Hello Kitty addict.

7. Pen

8. Fresh Sugar Rose lip treatment

9. Keys

10. Metro card. The Montreal metro is surprisingly warm, clean, and free of the ever present smell of urine that permeates through the New York City and Philadelphia subway systems. Normally I’m a cab addict but I’ve gone green in my transportation choices since moving here.

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  1. Love the wallet! I have a similar one that I picked up close to 15 + years ago and love that it’s small enough to fit everywhere! The gloves are so you – love those too!

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