White Out

One look that I’ve always loved but always have been a little wary of is all white. For those who can pull this off, there is nothing more chic then this super classic and polished look. Designers this season are showing lots of white and thanks to Bloggers Do It Better, I decided it was time to dive in to my closet and see what I could come up with. I’m not going to lie….I was a bit worried that since I’m so fair skinned I would end up looking totally washed out. Needless to say, I was pleasantly surprised with how well this turned on even with my skin tone. I opted for bright white J Brand skinny jeans and a crisp Laundry top with a delicate black detailing on the ruffles and trim to keep the look simple and uncomplicated. Paired with wooden Dolce and Gabbana heels, Chanel sunglasses, a vintage cuff and a classic Hermes belt, I think the small details of black helped me to not resemble Casper the friendly ghost. Check out the rest of the participants of Bloggers Do It Better showing off their takes on this always classic look.

Top: Laundry
Jeans: J Brand
Shoes: Dolce and Gabbana
Sunglasses: Chanel
Belt: Hermes
Cuff: Vintage

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    1. Thanks so much, the top had been languishing in the back of my closet for ages and I totally rediscovered it cause of the challenge!

  1. Hot! The “Casper the friendly ghost” line got me. You just need a picture of me next to you. Miss you and love you.

    1. Thanks little! Can’t wait to see you and we”ll take lots of pics together…all of them making me look even more pasty then I am as I stand next to you. LOVE YOU!

    1. Thanks Martha, now I just wish they were a little bit more comfy! The things we do for a good outfit!

    1. Thanks so much Lynzy, the belt has been one of my best investments. The price was a little hard to swallow at first but it’s such a classic and it’s double sided. Black as show and then a gorgeous camel on the other side, I convinced myself that I was getting two Hermes belts for the price of one!

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