WTF?! An Ode to Floggers

Allow me to tell you a story this day,
Of fashion and blogging, to which you can relate.

Once upon a mid-season sale,
There was a girl, alas, who shopped to no avail.

To all who would listen, she would plead her case,
Of design, and fabrics, and accessories of taste.

But her voice could but reach an audience too small,
So she turned to blogging, about fashion and all.

A platform she needed, and WordPress she chose,
And made it pretty and elegant, to match her prose.

She’d crack her whip, and daily photos take,
Of clothes and shoes… (and did someone say “let them eat cake?”)

Then to Lookbook she’d travel, and Twitter too!
Hyping, and loving, and tweeting, much like you!

Other [tooltip text=”Flogger: A fashion blogger.”]floggers[/tooltip] she’d visit, in order to comment on posts,
Small bits of encouragement, and agreement with her hosts.

Then back to her site, with her laptop in bed,
She’d fine-tune her pics or crop them instead!

And as her eyes would get heavy, she’d drift off to sleep,
Thinking of hats and fascinators… Oh! And that new boutique!

I hope you enjoyed this tale, dear friend,
It is my ode to bloggers of fashion and trends.

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