WTF?! The Stick and Sweep?

So as Jess described in a recent post, we had a lovely time at the Théâtre du Nouveau Monde the other day. I’ve been to several of these types of events with Jess – most of them covered right here on this blog. So I feel that I am beginning to get a good appreciation of what works, and what does not work, in the fashion world.

And now that I’ve been immersed into this wonderful world of designers, runways, models, flogs (i.e., fashion blogs) and floggers (click the link to laugh some more), I feel that I can make an educated observation about the poor, hungry models that I see at all these events: models walk in very strange ways. Each model, in fact, appears to adopt her own walking style. Allow me to describe my three favourites:

  1. The Stick and Sweep: This method, which appears to have its roots in mid 17-century high seas unipedal scoundrel plodding, seeks to recreate the feeling of watching a peg-legged pirate walk the plank (a runway in modern times). The Stick and Sweep begins with a stiff left leg which darts forward, gets firmly planted, and is then used by the model to pivot, as she sweeps her right leg around from back to front. The process is repeated as the model lumbers down the runway.
  2. The Bob and Weave: The Bob and Weave, much like the Stick and Sweep is aptly named. The model is usually far too tall for the heels she is walking in. So as she attempts to keep her balance, her head bobs from side to side, while legs cross one in front of the other, thus creating a weaving motion down the runway. It’s quite mesmerizing actually – particularly when the model is clothed in patterned fabrics like houndstooth. Kind of like those 3D visual puzzles we used to get when we were kids (the more cross-eyed you are, the more the picture comes into focus).
  3. The Corkscrew: Ah! Another classic! When strutting the corkscrew, the model will whisk her way down the runway whilst rotating he hips 70-90 degrees in a clockwise and then counter-clockwise direction, depending on which leg she has in front. Perhaps they date sommeliers, I don’t know…

So the next time you’re at a fashion show, pay close attention. When you see a model walk down a runway looking like one of Captain Jack’s bonny lasses, she may just be attempting to wow the audience with her mastery of the Stick and Sweep!

  1. ToVogueOrBust

    March 6, 2012 at 1:03 am

    Haha so true, I could totally visualize every single one of these after reading your descriptions, and have definitely seen them in action!

    Alexandra ♥

  2. Little

    March 6, 2012 at 8:28 pm

    Has Jess told you how well we are going to get along? Your posts always make me laugh out loud

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